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Now, more than ever, your business needs to operate at the highest level of efficiency. Streamlining your operation could make the difference in success or failure. With National Due Diligence Services you can be assured of the highest caliber of professional service. Our reputation has been built on providing superior customer service with dedicated and engaged project managers every step of the way. Multi-site, multi-state assignments or portfolios, with cost sensitive deadlines, have been, and will continue to be, our specialty. A single point of contact will jump start your nationwide project providing ALTA/ACSM Land Surveys, Zoning Reports & Letters, Environmental Site Assessments, Seismic Risk Assessments and Property Condition Assessments saving you time and money. National Due Diligence Services wants to be your partner for the success and future of your business.

National Due Diligence Services (NDDS) is a "service provider" for FNTG and its clients and is a d/b/a for American Surveying & Mapping, Inc. (ASM). ASM is an independent contractor that is not owned by FNTG nor is an agent of FNTG. FNTG is not representing that it produces the products or services described herein and is not responsible and does not make warranties or guarantees regarding the products or services offered by the "service provider." FNTG is not a land surveying, zoning or engineering company. All respective trade marks, service marks and logos belonging to FNTG are used with FNTG's express permission.